To Be Biodiversity

At CANTUESO Natural Seeds, we protect biodiversity as the basis of Life and a fundamental key to sustainable development.

Our vocation is the study, harvest and selection of the best wildflower seeds from different natural environments on the Iberian Peninsula, and ensure that they can be beneficial in a range economic and social sectors.

We advise and share what we learn with our clients so that they can obtain the best results through improving the biodiversity of the flora in their own environment.

We also cultivate species that are found in small quantities in nature in order to meet the demand.

CANTUESO - Natural Seeds - Be Biodiversity

We cultivate and reproduce wildflower seeds.

We harvest seeds from natural parks in a controlled and sustainable manner.

Procesamos - CANTUESO - Natural Seeds

We select, process and conserve them in the best conditions at our own facilities.

Conservamos - CANTUESO - Natural Seeds

We believe in the need to conserve environmental biodiversity to guarantee a sustainable future.

Semillas Ecológicas - CANTUESO - Natural Seeds

Most of our seeds are certified in organic production.

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Be Biodiversity - CANTUESO - Natural Seeds
We have contributed to the restoration of natural spaces:
185.000 kg
of seeds sown in ten years
We believe in:

To spread and promote the use of Iberian native wildflower seeds through the conservation of natural populations.

Valuing our natural resources, especially the wild ones, in a sustainable way.

Each new plant that grows from our seeds helps mitigate climate change on our planet.

Investing a large part of our resources in research, innovation and the development of new products and production systems.

Offering decent working conditions, integrating people from disadvantaged groups with few job opportunities and collaborating with associations and entities in the integration of people with disabilities.

Promoting, supporting and participating in environmental initiatives, collaborating with other entities and institutions in environmental development, dissemination and awareness projects.