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Cantueso Natural Seeds participates in environmental reforestation in dune environments.

Successful day of environmental reforestation carried out by the ProDunas Association in Marbella within the Smart Green project of LG Electronics Spain 🇪🇸 and with the support of our company CANTUESO Natural Seeds.

Using the Nendo Dango reforestation technique, yesterday, Saturday, February 24, in the dune El Pinillo, with the participation of student teachers of IES Bahia Marbella, more than 1,400 clay balls with compost and inside seeds of wild plants ☘authentic to dune environments 🏖 were thrown and sown.

A true milestone in our community through the use of a novel reforestation method, and with the enthusiastic participation of more than 50 people committed to environmental conservation.
Pioneer project carried out in Spain 🇪🇸, which we hope will become a powerful tool 💪 for the regeneration of our ecosystems and dune environments and make the area a sanctuary of Biodiversity and wildlife🌿🌱🐞🦋🐝.

We thank all participants for their collaboration and commitment to this cause and also our sincere thanks to LG Spain and the Smart Green Movement for making it possible, and to the ProDunas Marbella association for their involvement and perfect organization.

Working together for the Environment and Biodiversity !!!