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Other Services

over 25 years of experience at your service

We make available to our customers and friends, services of:

Technical advice

We have the exhaustive knowledge, the result of more than 25 years of experience in the sector, to offer a guaranteed technical advisory service in the field of wild flora and biodiversity, making possible the development of environmental, landscape and agronomic projects.

Environmental projects restoration and environmental revegetation of mines, quarries, AVE lines, highways, landfills, etc. ....

Erosion control projects and increase of biodiversity in agriculture, both in woody crops (olive groves, almond trees, vineyards, fruit trees, etc.) and in extensive herbaceous crops.

Landscaping projects in urban and periurban environments, designing and producing different compositions of wild seeds for projects of naturalization of spaces and sustainable landscaping (xeriscaping).

Technical Advice - CANTUESO - Natural Seeds

Organic seed production and multiplication

Cultivation and multiplication of native species, based on the use of seeds originating from natural and wild populations, not genetically modified, with all the guarantees of origin and traceability, capable of offering superior characteristics and properties in quality and very different from those of traditional crops.

And all this, with the added bonus of being produced under controlled cultivation conditions and with the organic production certificationWe are the only company in Spain able to offer this possibility that adds value to our productions.

Organic Seed Production and Multiplication - CANTUESO - Natural Seeds

Seed collections

Collection of phytogenetic material, with all the guarantees of traceability and control, for specific projects such as:

  • Reintroduction of species in natural areas or environments.
  • Reproduction and cultivation of species of interest, of a specific origin.
  • Extraction of different contents for natural Pharmacy, and that only wild plant populations are able to offer.
On Demand Harvesting - CANTUESO - Natural Seeds

Seed processing and selection

Following very demanding protocols of production and quality control, we offer a professional service of seed processing and selection, with accredited facilities and knowledge, which make us have the confidence of institutions and research organizations (Botanical Gardens, Germplasm Banks, Universities, CSIC, etc ...) all under European standards and guidelines for organic certification.

Seed Processing and Selection - CANTUESO - Natural Seeds

Seed conservation

We have the most modern facilities for the correct conservation of seeds and all the phytogenetic material that can be entrusted to us for conservation and storage.

With cold storage and germination chambers that allow the most efficient storage and conservation of fruits and seeds until the moment of sowing, all this under a periodic quality control protocol, which ensures and allows the maintenance of the viability percentages of all the material preserved in them.

Conservation and Storage - CANTUESO - Natural Seeds

Seed analysis and pretreatment

We have the facilities and the appropriate technical personnel for the control and analysis of seeds, as well as the technical and practical knowledge offered by more than 25 years, handling and advising, in the matter of conservation and germination of seeds, to producers of autochthonous plants throughout our geography.

We follow international seed analysis and control protocols, which ensure the veracity of the results obtained.

Analysis and Pretreatment - CANTUESO - Natural Seeds
Be Biodiversity - CANTUESO - Natural Seeds


of Wildflower Seeds

Mobile Catalog - CANTUESO - Natural Seeds

You will find all our tree and shrub seeds, forest reproductive material, seeds for aromatic, medicinal and culinary plants, coastal and dune species, ornamental grasses and rushes, herbaceous species for landscape restoration, seed compositions, palms and macrophyte species (for water phytopurification) and riverside.