Centaurea cyanus mix

cornflower, centaurea


It is an annual herbaceous plant that grows up to one meter tall. The double and semi-double forms of this popular wildflower bloom in a range of colors (white, blue, red, pink, pink, light blue, violet, lilac and some can be spotted). It is very easy to grow and is fast growing and abundant. Adaptable to most good well-drained garden soils with plenty of sun. It is a hardy and undemanding plant that tolerates not very fertilized or rustic soils, so they usually sprout alone in the fields in full sun. They flower from mid-spring to the following autumn.


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Technical Information

Planting Information

Direct seeding

Average Height
55 cm

Additional information

Flower Color

Blue, White, Purple, Red, Violet

Leaf Color

Grayish Green

Flowering Season

Early Spring, Late Spring, Early Summer, Late Summer

Sowing Season

Early Spring, Late Spring




Grasslands / Meadows

Plant Lifespan


Water Requirements


Light Requirements

Full Sun


Native Seeds

Soil Type

Weakly Acidic