Pancratium maritimum (ECO)

sea lily


The maritime tuberose is a herbaceous plant; the erect leaves protrude from the ground, forming a dense bouquet; they are between 5 and 20 mm wide, and are bluish-green in color. They have an elongated, whitish bulb with multiple membranous layers. When ingested, it is highly toxic because it contains cardiotonic heterosides. The roots are located at a depth of up to 8 dm below the surface. The flowers are pedicellate, large and showy, white, with great resemblance to daffodils and very aromatic, with a size of up to 15 cm in length. The flower has 6 lanceolate tepals open at the periphery and with a greenish dorsal nerve that arises at the base of the umbel. The trumpet-shaped corolla, also white, has 12 triangular-shaped teeth. The 6 stamens are whitish, with yellow anthers with a kidney-shaped shape. The ovary is trilocular and protrudes over the calyx. Its fruit is a large, ovoid capsule, inside which are the seeds, black, triangular-shaped and spiky.


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Direct seeding

Average Height
45 cm

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Deciduous Leaves


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Early Summer, Late Summer

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Early Spring, Late Spring, Early Summer, Late Summer, Early Autumn, Late Autumn, Early Winter, Late Winter




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Full Sun


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