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Apiarian Meadow (1kg)


Beekeeping has proven to be a thriving sector of the Spanish and Andalusian economy, due to its excellent productive qualities, which has much to do with the floristic biodiversity that can be found throughout the geography of the Iberian Peninsula. Thus, Spain is positioned as a first level power, but it must face important challenges to maintain its position and growth.

Not only the genetic improvement of the various species of bees, but also the promotion of suitable habitats for the continuous improvement of derived products, are vital for the consolidation and growth of the sector, increasing the quality of supply, the yield of production, and providing an extraordinary plus that ensures the differentiation of products.

In this sense in CANTUESO Natural Seeds we have a wide range of seeds of native species of the Iberian Peninsula, with a proven effectiveness, both as hosts of auxiliary entomofauna, as producers of nectar of proven attracting power for bees, bumblebees and butterflies, which favor the pollination of crops, and whose staggered flowering, ensures the melliferous production from early autumn to early summer, also causing a pleasant visual impact.

Therefore, their establishment and proximity to traditional crops is highly recommended to favor pollination and, at the same time, to promote sustainability and biodiversity in agricultural systems.


Price per Kilo

(VAT not included)

48,00 - 55,00

For orders of Discount (%) The unit price is
1 - 4 - 55,00
5+ 12.73 % 48,00

Technical Information

Composition: 100% Flowers
Number of Species: 30
Recommended sowing rate: 3-5 g/m².
Tips: A mowing after flowering is recommended.