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Ground cover for attracting birdlife (100% herbaceous) (1 kg)


List of seeds of species suitable for the creation of natural habitats conducive to feeding and shelter for wild birds (100% herbaceous).

This innovative product carefully combines carefully selected seeds from bird-attractive plants, creating a natural and welcoming environment for our feathered friends. It contains a meticulously balanced selection of plant seeds that provide ideal food, shelter and nesting sites for birds.

By attracting birds to your green space, you will be encouraging natural pest control, reducing the need for harmful chemical pesticides. Birds feed on harmful insects, maintaining a healthy balance. Once the plants mature, you can enjoy the beauty and company of a variety of birds that will visit your garden, filling it with color, movement and enchanting melodies.



Price per Kilo

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Technical Information

Composition: Composition: 100 herbaceous %
Recommended sowing rate: 2 g/m2 g/m2