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Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA-FEGA)

As a reference company in Spain in the production of native seeds of wild plants, CANTUESO collaborates with the Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA-FEGA) in the drafting of the list of native wild species of eminent pollinating character, rich in pollen and nectar, recommended and admitted at national level, which will count as eligible for the creation of honeydew margins and be considered as honey fallows for its application in the campaign of PAC2020 aid applications. (Published in Annex VIII of Royal Decree 1075/2014, of December 19).

Link to the list of native wild species, of eminent pollinating character, in addition to being adjuvants in the control of weeds and pests, excluding those of difficult control, or that could be reservoirs of harmful agents and in particular the exotic ones recognized as invasive.