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Wildflower Seeds

native wild seeds for natural biodiversity

We offer over 850 different species of Iberian flora wildflower seeds to landscape restoration or environmental recovery companies, public bodies, universities, nurseries, environmental education companies, laboratories, etc …

We produce native seeds for use in of ecological restoration, for biodiversity, agriculture and the environment. We are a leading company in the research, development and production of indigenous seeds from the Iberian Peninsula, specialized in their cultivation, production and use.

CANTUESO has more than 20 years of professional experience, advising, producing and spreading the use of wildflower seeds.

We use sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly production methods, with all the guarantees and support of the institutions responsible for the protection of wild flora in our country.

Artisanal Harvesting - CANTUESO - Natural Seeds

Advantages of using native seeds from sustainable collections in natural and/or wild populations.