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Seed Mixes

indigenous seed mixes as a biodiverse response to various environmental challenges

We are passionate about biodiversity and the creation of compositions of wild plant seed mixtures for the naturalization of spaces. In CANTUESO we design and produce all kinds of seed compositions tailored to the needs of our customers, offering biodiverse solutions in areas of application such as the Creation of Natural Meadows, Sustainable Agriculture (Agroecology), Urban Gardening y Landscape Restoration.

We ensure the success of your custom blendtaking into account diverse factors such as:

  • Type of crop
  • Geographical location
  • Surface area in m²
  • Purpose of the cover (erosion control, soil nourishment, biodiversity, etc.)
  • Soil type (chalky, clayey, loamy, etc.)
  • Orography (with or without slope)
  • Rainfall in the area
  • Temperatures in the area
  • Degree of erosion
  • Possibility of irrigation
  • Type of irrigation (drip, sprinkler, manual irrigation, etc.)
  • Preference on deck height/size
  • Herbivory problems (rabbits).
  • Non-palatable species
  • Degree of survival of the roof
  • Degree of species biodiversity
  • Degree of attraction of beneficial insects (pollination, pest control, etc.)
  • Financial availability


CANTUESO's research and development team is constantly working on the achievement of optimal seed ratios of native species, from different plant strata, in order to achieve the best relationship from an environmental and economic point of view.

Personalized Attention

We adapt the wide range of native seed mixtures we have designed to your needs. We cover the specific needs of each client according to the destination, objective and application methods of the seeds requested.


We select seed compositions that meet all the expectations and objectives of each client, considering technical parameters such as the bioclimatic conditions of the destination region.

Areas of Application of our Seed Compositions

Natural Meadows

The benefits of our natural grasslands represent a very interesting opportunity for environmental improvement in land management.

  • Water requirement adjusted to climatic seasonality.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Self-regulated management of grassland growth.
  • Increased biodiversity of flora and fauna.
  • Increase in the landscape quality of the environment.
  • Low water consumption.

Sustainable Agriculture


Habitat loss is the greatest threat to biodiversity. The use of ground covers in agricultural ecosystems has a number of environmental advantages that are highly beneficial to crop production.

Urban Gardening

(Naturalization of Spaces)

The abusive use of grass as a landscaping solution has led to an increase in maintenance costs and a loss in the environmental quality of our surroundings, hardly imaginable.

At Semillas Cantueso we propose the promotion of the natural meadow as a substitute element of important value in landscape and gardening management.

Landscape Restoration

(Revegetation and Erosion Control)

More than 40 seed compositions or mixtures suitable for each of the edaphoclimatic regions of the Iberian Peninsula. Designed for environmental restoration derived from civil engineering works and erosion control in degraded ecosystems.