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Urban Gardening

solutions to promote biodiversity and environmental quality in the urban environment

CANTUESO Natural Seeds connects you with Nature.

Biodiversity solutions for urban landscaping, based on Nature itself. Based on the use of wild plant seed compositions, we offer concrete design proposals and advice focused on naturalization and improvement of sustainability and environmental quality of cities.

We can design and create customized plant and wildflower seed compositions for the creation of natural meadows, in projects of creation, restoration and/or conservation of urban landscaping.

Request more information to our technical advisory service specialized in natural meadows and naturalization of urban spaces.

We offer seed compositions for all aspects of Urban Gardening:

Wild Prairies

Bioclimatic architecture

Water Phytopurification

Peri-urban gardening (slopes, roundabouts and medians)

Creation of rockeries and rock gardens

Creation of Rocallas - CANTUESO - Natural Seeds

Birdlife attraction