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Biodiversity at Home

create biodiversity and fill your home with the strength and color of wild nature

At CANTUESO we have developed a set of products with the purpose of bringing biodiversity closer to the home environment.

Biodiversity Bins

Bins with seed mixes for the creation of flowerbeds, gardens and spaces with wild colorful flowers.

Our seeds are collected at a variety of locations in nature all over the Iberian Peninsula. This ensures the adaptability of the seeds to the environments and climates of our country.

They are suitable for integration in existing landscapes as well as the naturalization of urban spaces (Urban Ecology).

Biodiversity Tubes

Seeds from aromatic, culinary and medicinal plants stored in small handfilled glass tubes, for growing wild plants and fill your home with the best of Nature.

Available as a small display box with 24 different Biodiversity tubes. Also sold individually.

Seed Packs

Small handmade recycled cardboard containers, with aromatic, culinary or medicinal seeds stored in easy to use glass tubes. Information is included about each plant, it’s uses and the best conditions for sowing and growing (in Spanish).

An ideal gifts for Farm schools, garden lovers, school gardens, etc.