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Sustainable Agriculture

green cover crops - solutions to improve the soil and biodiversity

Biodiversity is a key issue in agriculture. Practices that favor biodiversity in agricultural ecosystems not only improve the biodiversity of the environment but also increase agricultural production and make it more sustainable. This has a very positive influence on very important agronomic aspects such as crop pollination and pest-predator balance. It is an efficient tool to help adapt to climate change.

However, agricultural activity has put increasing pressure on biodiversity and recent global reports point to agriculture as one of the main causes for its decline.

A sustainable agricultural model requires the adequate use of a vegetative cover as a soil maintenance system.

What are native groundcovers?

It consists of sowing certain seeds of native herbaceous species in the streets of the crop and keeping them alive for a certain period of time and then mowing them to avoid competition for water and nutrients with the crop. After mowing, it can be incorporated into the soil by shallow tillage (applying a superficial harrowing) or left on the surface as a mulch.

The use of cover crops in woody crops has numerous agronomic and environmental benefits.

Benefits of green roofs

Combating erosion
Improves soil structure
Enhancing natural habitats and increasing biodiversity
Biological control
Adding value to crops

In short, the use of native vegetation covers in agricultural ecosystems presents a series of environmental advantages, which have a very direct beneficial impact on crop production.

Examples of available plant coverings

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