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Biodiversity Buffer / Auxiliary Meadow (1kg)


Seed composition of tree and shrub species for the creation of biodiversity reservoirs and for the restoration of vegetation borders integrated into crops, which favor the presence of native flora and fauna.

One of the main advantages of organic farming over conventional agriculture is the substantial improvement in biodiversity achieved in the habitats associated with it. A greater proportion of natural or semi-natural areas in organic crops is an added factor for the farmer, which allows a more sustainable operation by the self-regulation of the agrosystem.

This improvement involves the creation of biodiversity islands and environmental reservoirs, generally in unproductive or severely degraded areas of the crop itself, which manage to recover through the appropriate use of suitable re-vegetation to host auxiliary entomofauna, vital for the correct pollination of crops. The creation of these islands is also an effective method of biological pest control, due to the dynamic balance that tends to occur between the fauna that is hosted in the micro-habitats created.

An easy, economical and environmentally sustainable system to improve the quality of agricultural products, as well as the agrosystem itself, that minimizes soil degradation, intensifies nutrient transformation, decreases maintenance costs and improves landscape quality.

From CANTUESO Natural Seeds, we have developed different mixtures of native auxiliary seeds for agricultural crops, with the aim of creating stands of vegetation and implementation of reserve islands, boundaries and banks, in order to achieve sustainability in the management of agricultural systems in our country.

For this purpose we have selected species of both naturalized herbaceous and shrub species, of easy germination and great adaptability and development to all types of ecosystems, suitable for the creation of path margins, roads and environments of rural constructions, all of them favoring biodiversity of wild flora and fauna.


Price per Kilo

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Technical Information

Composition: 90% Flowers, 10% Herbs
Number of Species: 41
Recommended sowing rate: 2 g/m².
Tips: Admits a late fall cut