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Seed Multiplication Fields

sustainable production of wildflower seeds to improve biodiversity

Our native species cultivation and multiplication fields use seeds originating from natural and wild populations, most of which come from Natural Areas and Parks on the Iberian Peninsula. They are non-genetically modified seeds, capable of offering superior quality characteristics and properties that are very different from those from traditional crops, maintaining all the guarantees of origin and traceability.

CANTUESO’s multiplication fields are equipped with all the necessary technology to carry out different agricultural tasks by an experienced team with all the necessary agronomical knowledge, using state-of-the-art machinery.

We produce under controlled crop conditions adding value to our products by being the only company in Spain capable of offering Organic Certification for wildflower seeds.

Multiplication fields are a way of preserving our wild natural resources as well as enabling their extensive use in other development fields.

Multiplication Fields 1 - CANTUESO - Natural Seeds
Multiplication Fields 2 - CANTUESO - Natural Seeds