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Certified Organic Seeds

seeds of wild plants certified in organic production

At CANTUESO we provide organically certified native fruits and seeds from both our own productions in multiplication crops, and from controlled wild collections in natural parks on the Iberian Peninsula, which makes us unique in Europe. We specialize in the production of native seeds under controlled production and cultivation conditions with all guarantees of origin and traceability.

The Certification Service of the Andalusian Committee of Ecological Agriculture of Andalusia (CAAE), accredits and certifies the ecological character of the fruits, leaves and seeds of the wild flora that SEMILLAS CANTUESO collects, produces and markets, and that they are obtained through manual collection methods, in the Natural Parks of Andalusia, with all the guarantees of origin and traceability.

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This accreditation recognizes for the first time in Spain, the production of leaves, fruits and seeds of wild flora, as ORGANIC productions.

A recognition of the quality of our products, the result of many years of work and it’s uniqueness in Europe.

This recognition opens new doors for economic development in the organic production sector, specifically for the production of certified organic plants of wild origin. These can be the crops of aromatic, medicinal species as well as shrubs or trees, like for example the production of organic pistachio. It also impacts the market for the extraction of oils or essences from leaves of wild plants of certified origin.

In this way we have managed to respond, in a comprehensive and ecological way, to a hitherto incomplete circle of production processes based on the use of wild species, whose traceability (in this case the ecological origin of the leaves, plants and seeds used), was not guaranteed and therefore not officially certifiable until now.

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You will find all our tree and shrub seeds, forest reproductive material, seeds for aromatic, medicinal and culinary plants, coastal and dune species, ornamental grasses and rushes, herbaceous species for landscape restoration, seed compositions, palms and macrophyte species (for water phytopurification) and riverside.