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Landscape restoration of watersheds and reservoirs

Study, design, production and supply of different compositions of native wild plant seeds, made to measure (ad hoc), to create vegetation covers suitable for the integration and landscape restoration of the environment, as well as for the control of runoff and erosion of slopes, together with the securing of land adjacent to the basins of the reservoirs themselves. In some cases, we carry out studies for the collection of plants and seeds of endemic species present in the environment for their use in plans of reintroduction and protection of endangered botanical species, as well as for their subsequent use in planting in these same areas.

The most significant projects are La Breña II (Córdoba) and Alcolea (Huelva).

Alcolea Reservoir (Huelva), ecological restoration of its basin

Project in the basin of the Tinto and Oraque rivers (province of Huelva) where CANTUESO was in charge of locating stands and selecting and collecting seeds of the endemic species Erica andevalensis. The objective was to ensure the availability of phytogenetic resources of this species for its subsequent reproduction in nurseries with the ultimate goal of reintroducing plants born from these seeds in the area once the reservoir basin is filled.

Alcolea Huelva Reservoir - CANTUESO - Natural Seeds
Alcolea Reservoir (Huelva)

Restoration of the Breña II reservoir (Córdoba)

CANTUESO has contributed in the technical advice and subsequent restoration of the Breña II reservoir (Almodóvar, Córdoba). The work consisted of technical advice on the plant restoration of the construction works of this reservoir and the subsequent supply of different compositions of wild seeds that were previously collected by our company in the surrounding plant populations.

We also proceeded to the revegetation of the facing (wall of the reservoir) with native plant species also preceding from seeds previously collected in the environment, in a novel technique used so far in very few occasions in Spain. In order to avoid the visual impact that the concrete wall of the dam would have on the site, our seeds were applied on the wall, previously conditioned with a system of steps covered with topsoil, thus achieving a ground cover effect with different native vegetation.

Hydro La Breña - CANTUESO - Natural Seeds
La Breña II" Reservoir Almodóvar del Río (Córdoba)