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Cantueso Natural Seeds publishes new seed catalog

🌱✨ Discover the magic of growing native wild plants with our seeds, carefully selected to fill your garden and environment with life and biodiversity.

Our catalog is a treasure trove of possibilities, bringing together native wild plant seeds that not only beautify your space, but also encourage wildlife.
From flowers with different shapes and colors, trees and shrubs, to medicinal and aromatic herbs, each seed represents an inimitable story of the native flora.

🪴🌾Cultivating with CANTUESO Natural Seeds is more than an activity; it is a beautiful action and a commitment to the preservation and respect for Biodiversity. In addition, most of our seeds are collected in natural places of our country, and are selected for their adaptability, ensuring that your garden flourishes with the vibrant life of the local wild flora.
Together for Biodiversity.

Discover our complete catalog in the following link: