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Europe rewards the Cordovan company Cantueso Natural Seeds

The company has 14 years of continuous work for the environment of Cordoba and is behind social projects such as the reforestation of the areas burned in the Doñana fire or the recovery of the Bejarano Stream environment.

When José Ángel Cantueso began to start up his company "Cantueso Seeds"14 years ago, I was very clear about the concept: a company, but with a vocation for public service. and citizen collaboration.

And that spirit remains intact. The only thing that has changed is the name to be called Cantueso Natural SeedsThey have begun to receive international recognition for their trajectory.

The latest to be made public is one of the European Business Awards for the Environmentin the category of Rising Starsas an emerging company, and it is not the only one they are receiving this year.

This company from Córdoba competed with 94 other entries from 16 European countries.16 finalists have been selected and 12 other European companies, two of which are Spanish, have been distinguished with this emerging company distinction.

José Ángel Cantueso, director of Cantueso Natural Seeds in Córdoba / Cadena SER

The jury highlighted the participation of This year's list of companies that have shown clear leadership towards a sustainable economic recovery for Europe, well-aligned with the priorities of the European Green Agreement and with a deep respect for the environment at the heart of its trade policies..

The award recognizes the work they do on a daily basis, although many are not yet aware of it.

They are in Córdobaand are behind environmental and social projects like reforestation of the areas burned in the Doñana fire or the recovery of the Bejarano Stream environment.

They are a family-owned company that has dedicated a large part of its history to select, process and conserve more than 850 wild seed species  that they themselves collect in places and Natural Parks throughout Spain.

Native seedsThe first ones, those that have always been used, those that make it possible to repopulate slopes or construction sites, as they have been done on many occasions, or those that improve biodiversity and production by restoring life to soils and crops.

Do you want to know more about this company from Córdoba, awarded in Europe for its work?

Listen here to the interview with its director, José Ángel Cantueso that this week has passed through Radio Córdoba and for the program Surco y Marea of Cadena SER Andalucía.