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Multifunctional margins in the program Tierra y Mar (Canal Sur)

On April 30, the Canal Sur Television program, Tierra y Mar, dedicated to the promotion of agriculture and the environment in the Andalusian Autonomous Community, and which already dedicated a report to us last October, has broadcasted a new space dedicated to multifunctional margins to increase pollination in agricultural crops. For this purpose, they have counted on the experience of the French multinational Syngenta in the design of seed mixtures suitable for the creation of environmental reservoirs, with prolonged and staggered flowering in crop margins and for whose advice and creation they counted on the experience and the seeds collected by our company. CANUESO SEEDS.

A simple, economical and environmental solution that provides botanical, faunistic and landscape richness to crops, and in which in SEMILLAS CANTUESO we have been working and experimenting for more than 5 years. Proof of this is the rich composition that we supply to clients all over the country to help crop pollination, and whose composition can be found in our web page.

We encourage you to enjoy this good example of integrated land management in the space dedicated by Tierra y Mar.

Auxiliary insects: flowers to attract pollinators