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Mediterranean Flower Garden LM (100g)


Highly diverse composition of native annual and perennial species of low and medium size (seeds among other species): Achillea ageratum,Artemisa arvensis, Bellardia trixago, Iberis umbellata, Limun perenne, Lupinus angustifolius, Matricaria recutita, Silene dioica, Trifolium incarnatum, Trifolium pratense, Vacaria hispanica.

Height: 40-50 cm of maximum height.

Uses: Ideal for application in small areas, such as pots, planters or flowerbeds. The pots allow sowing in an extension of about 40-50

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(VAT not included)



Technical Information

Number of Species: 36
Sowing area: 40-50 m²
Recommended sowing rate: 2-3 g/m².
Maximum height: 40-50 cm