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CANTUESO in the program "Surco y marea" of the radio station SER Andalucía.

Today, our director-manager, Jose Angel Cantueso attends the radio program Surco y marea of the chain SER Andalucía.

Jose Angel has been interviewed in the program "Surco y marea", monographic program of agriculture and fishing of the chain SER Andalusia. A space committed to the development, current affairs and the permanent presence on the antenna of the SER of issues of interest to the primary sector in our community.

We have discussed current issues as important to us as our candidacy for the European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE) organized by the Biodiversity Foundation and subsequent recognition at the European level as ".Rising star"The main topics to be discussed are: the vocational nature of our activity, the evolution of natural ecosystems in the face of the current cessation of anthropic activity and the new challenges we face in the face of a Common Agricultural Policy that is increasingly aware of Biodiversity and the recovery of environments through the use of wild plants, among others.

We are very grateful to Radio Córdoba and to María Eugenia Vílchez for their kindness and for the time they have dedicated to making our company's work known.

You can listen to the full interview here.